Dumb Data: Why Simple is Better

December 13, 2107 — Nicholas Karavidas

The color attributes of wine are as varied as people…they’re individual personalities, measurable, explainable and likened to consumer segments/psychographics

How Inanimate Objects Steal Our Joy

Have you ever cursed at an inanimate object? Like that piece of wood you screamed at when missing the nail and hitting your thumb….sure, we all have and we all know that yelling at the wood did not and could not drive the nail nor relive the pain in our thumbs.

When you think about it, this is exactly what we do when placing too much of our marketing power on social platforms or web analytics and then being dissatisfied by the results, in turn researching for another ‘ap’ to enhance the dozen others from last weeks new analytics answer. Making consumer data practical and effective is really much simpler…but by no means is it “simple”.

One of the areas we as marketers and sales professionals err: we attempt to oversimplify and in turn we end up making things unnecessarily complicated.

Nationally mappable segmentation systems are matured & proven over decades and are NOT ‘new’ technologies

Results oriented marketers want to drill into proven, tried & true systems without having to become “data scientists”, which is precisely what I believe the objective should be: teach how to resource exacting/useful & proven data about our consumers and then point our businesses to the exact consumer targets we are interested in.

The Rat Trap Of Data ‘Bait-and-Switch

One of the challenges: not many in the analytics world are sharing the information that historically expensive technologies of national segmentation systems are now obtainable and more refined/accurate than ever. Of course, it may cut down on your Twitter and Instagram ads and your Facebook & Google analytics….which is exactly where they want to keep you: tied to systems of dependence rather than Independence. This is classic ‘bait and switch’ sales.

I’m a winemaker by trade for 30+ years and what I want is exactly what you want (whether you are or are not in the wine trade!): to identify with greater accuracy the consumers who my brands resonate to, locate them where they live work and shop, and finally use that data to communicate more effectively with them.….and let’s face it, demography is, like, high schoolish’, providing only ‘single ingredient’ data or only a few components of a human ‘recipe’ (this is where the term ‘psychographic’ comes in).

Furthermore, talking about ‘analytics’ exacerbates what I/we need to be made simple….or as simple as it can be made and still be useful in a complex business environment.

Although the term ‘segmentation’ is used to identify ‘groups’ of interests or historic habits (such as ‘Event Attendees’ or ‘Consumers with X birthday dates’ or ‘Chardonnay purchasers’), the use here in this article (and chart above) refers to Nationally Mappable Consumer segments that are simple to identify, build marketing campaigns to cater to and to locate these ‘segments’ where they live-work-and-Shop for ‘Go-to-Market’ marketing implementation.

Psychographic ‘recipes’ are the beginning of answering the “who” of consumer targeting.

Once you identify your ‘people recipes’ those recipe attributes can then be built into specific campaign materials to be used over and over again tweaking for the time of year, the specific ‘micro-data’ of a birthday or anniversary or holiday……but that’s just the beginning.!

First: Combined with the specific data that you may already have in your POS system or CRM, this information can now be personalized to the exact ‘segments’ you are mailing to or narrowed into communications that are relevant to the people you are speaking to.

Second: Using specific nationally mappable segmetation systems gives you a world of opportunity that you never before imagined specifically because it automatically covers all consumers in the US (unless you have had access to historically large budget intelligence….which 98% of us Have Not).

Call or e-mail me at 209.625.6339 or info@wineconceptsintl.com for more info on how to make simple what the “analytics” gurus make complicated. The end game: create independence rather than dependencies by placing the power in your company’s hands and teach how to use analytics to ‘enhance’ data rather than being the source of your consumer intelligence…..and remember, what the ‘Fortune’ companies don’t want you to learn…..is contained in the images and principles right here.